4th SINCERE ART Workshop 2018

4th SINCERE ART Workshop 2018

Event Highlights

Scientific Lectures • Ultrasound Workshop • PGS Workshop


The conference is designed to both consolidate core themes in the evolution  of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART) which is  the subject of increasing clinical success; and to bring together old and new approaches of fertility treatments.

Scientific Lectures

  • Dr Chen Xinna 陈新娜医师
  • Dr Peng Xian Dong 彭献东医生
  • Professor Richard Choy Kwong Wai 蔡光偉教授
  • Professor Steven Fleming 史蒂文 弗莱明博士
  • Professor Tong Guo Qing 童国庆教授
  • Professor Li Chunyi 李春义博士
  • Professor Liu Ping 刘平医生
  • Professor Hao Cui Fang 郝翠芳教授
  • Professor Peter Humaidan 彼得·胡迈丹博士
  • Professor Wang Xiu Xia 王秀霞教授

Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening (PGS) Workshop)

  • Dr Jothi Kumar 乔蒂 库马尔医生
  • Professor Ng Soon Chye 黄荣业教授

Ultrasound Workshop

  • Ms Sanna Pietila 莎娜 皮蒂拉 女士

Who should attend:

Assisted reproduction specialists, obstetricians, gynaecologists, andrologists, embryologists, nurses, allied health professionals & others within the multi-disciplines of reproductive medicine and infertility treatment

  • All package rates are in Singapore Dollar and GST-inclusive. 
  • Single-room upgrades are available for an additional $321 (GST included) i.e. $1,605 per person.

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